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Engineering | Assembly of the Fulton Schools of Engineering

Dean’s Dissertation Award

The Dean’s Dissertation Award recognizes excellence in dissertation research. The award promotes FSE research as well as the awardees themselves, giving them an edge in their potential future career in academia.

The award is presented to up to 4% of the number of prior year’s Ph.D. graduates in FSE. (For current cycle of 2020-1, this will be six awards.) The best submission from each program may be recognized with a Certificate of Recognition. The Dean’s Dissertation Award winners will be invited to give a two-minute flash presentation at the FSE Assembly in late October.

Nominations Specifications for School Director
  • Announcement is sent to Schools in early August (current cycle: 3 August 2020)
  • Each school can nominate no more than two students per program and no more than four candidates in total with eligibility as follows
    • PhD candidates who are expected to graduate by May 31, 2021 or PhD students who have graduated no earlier than June 1, 2020 can be nominated.
    • Nominees who have not yet graduated must have completed the comprehensive examination as of the date of submission of the nomination
  •  The internal selection process is left up to each individual school
  • Nominations to the Dean’s office will be sent by the Director of each School
  • Nominations due in early September
Application Specifications
  • Letter of nomination from the dissertation advisor, clearly indicating date of completion of comprehensive examination and/or dissertation proposal/prospectus examination.
  • An abstract of the dissertation limited to 1 page, including overview, broader impacts, and intellectual merit
  • A curriculum vita of the student (or recent graduate) including a list of publications, clearly distinguishing publications related to and not related to the dissertation research
  • A personal statement from the student outlining why the student believes he or she should receive this award (e.g., novelty and innovation reflected in dissertation research, career aspirations and goals), limited to one page
  • One letter of recommendation from faculty member (other than the dissertation advisor) in or out of the school, typically within ASU
Submission of Application

Please submit your nominations to no later than September 4, 2020.  The Executive Committee will then review the materials and make their recommendations by October 2, 2020.  The final decisions will be made by the Dean no later than October 9, 2020.

Review Process
  • Executive Committee will review the materials and make their recommendations by October 2, 2020.
  • Based on the number of applications, the EC will determine how many reviews each application will receive. Assignments will be based on knowledge of the dissertation topic and with a goal to distribute among schools. EC members will score each application on a scale of 1 – 5. These scores will be recorded in spreadsheet. The EC will meet to discuss the scores.
  • The EC will send a ranking of the received nominations to the Dean. This could be based on categories, e.g., highly competitive / competitive / not competitive and/or include a numerical ranking in the top categories.
  • The final decisions will be made by the Dean no later than October 9, 2019.
Award Process
  • Winners will give a two-minute flash presentation at the FSE assembly. (max. 15 minutes total).
  • School nominees are invited to prepare posters of their research for a poster presentation held together with the reception for the Dean’s Distinguished Lecturer (once large in-person events become feasible again)